Project Description

Century home that had water pressure issues has them no more.

Constant pressure system installed. Iron remover and softener as well as a uv system. All old pipe in basement replaced with 3/4″ pex to all fixtures…. we also replaced the jet pump used for filling the new cistern that hold a buffer of 600 gallons….

To cap it off…. we installed a new navien tank less hot water unit so they can enjoy endless shower and laundry!

The home owners were so delighted with the new pressure! They told me they could never run more then one fixture at a time other wise the lowest one would run but the other would stop. And taking a shower at the same time as doing laundry…. that was never possible.

But the best was the look on her face when she saw the pressure for her new outside hose faucets!!!!! “I can water my garden! With more then one hose!”