So there is an add in the paper this week about being the cheapest in Canada…. and doing it right the first time…..

Funny thing is you can always be the cheapest if you sell products that are a copy of the original… lesser quality…. or knockoffs…

I just spent the past 2 days learning about how knockoff bulbs in UV Systems have caused melted conectors, fires, and failures. How just because the visible light is glowing blue dose not indicate that UV is being produced…

So don’t be fooled… educate yourself as a consumer…. look for qualified, licenced and trained professionals who are certified installers. Who only use genuine parts.

Did you realize that if you use non genuine parts the CSA, UL and other certification are null and void not to mention any warranty… and if you think it won’t happen to you…. I have several stories when there were insurable losses that were not paid out because certification was not upheld. I have even more stories where manufactures declined warranty because knockoff parts were used… so it dose happen…. a lot more offen then you would think.

Don’t save 5 dollars to spend thousands. It’s better to spend a little more for the right company to do it once the pay the wrong person to do it twice.

The photo below shows how people are using just the right phrase to make people think that this UV bulb was manufactured in the same factory as the original…. nothing is further from the truth!